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reality portayed on canvas 

The more an artist realizes the surrounding regularity, the further he or she freely notices their artistic views. With this said, I also approach with ambiguity and opposite visions by not refusing realistic structures. By showing emphasized feeling with a bit of gentleness allows me to pronounce the vivid dynamics of life with the intentions of introducing specific reality and multicolor in my work. But when glancing at some of the works, chances are some first impressions might emit a sense of disorder or chaos but when carefully examining the content one can soon realize that there is distinct existence being portrayed. 


Furthermore, by using specific techniques of layering wax and encaustic oil paint, and collage allows me to bring the works visually alive when blending colors into their organic fates as intended by nature. Because I constantly use these methods of painting, I continuously reap their benefits of improving my visionary as an artist. Ultimately, my perpetual search of uniqueness fuels my artistic appetite to find an artificial connection to nature’s beauty by using old techniques to craft a variety of naturally intended abstract illusions.

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