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Born: November 6,1961, Tashkent ,Uzbekistan

1979-83 M.F.A. Tashkent Institute Of Fine Art



2018 The Florence Academy US - Head Study -Jersey city,NJ

2017 Noh/Wave - lo/wave II -Los Angeles, CA

2017 Abend Gallery -Full Spectrum - Denver, CO 

2016 Art Nou Mil-lenni Gallery -InMotion -Barcelona ES

2015 Affordable Art Fair Battersea London(Artshouse UK)  

2015 Affordable Art Fair Hampstead heath London(Artshouse UK)  

2015 Work on paper art fair at Science museum(Artshouse UK)

2014 Affordable Art Fair Battersea London(Artshouse)

2013 See.Me and The Story of the Creative exhibition

2013 Affordable Art Fair NY (Tache Gallery)

2012 Tache Gallery- Episodes

2012 Affordable Art Fair NY (Tache gallery)

2011 Hudson & laight gallery,NY,NY

2011 Tache Gallery- Utility

2011 Affordable Art Fair NY (Tache gallery)

2009-10 Tache gallery

2010 Imago Art Gallery, Miami, FL

2009 Verge Art fair,NY,NY

2008 Anna Nova Art Gallery, St. Petersburg,Russia

2008 Hudson & laight gallery,NY,NY

2007 Behr-Theyssen Ltd Fine Art ,New York, NY

2005 Imagine, Fine Art Gallery ,Smithfield ,RI

2003 Ruben Bore & Son, Art Gallery, Roslyn Heights, NY

2000-01 Brushstrokes, Fine Art, Brooklyn, NY

1999 Creative Alternative Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

1996 Creative Alternative Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

1995 8th Floor Gallery ,New York, NY

1994 East-west Gallery, New York, NY

1991 Ariel Gallery, New York, NY

1990 The Golden Brush, Moscow, Russia

1987 Self-Portraits, Moscow, Russia

1989-86 Numerous Solo and Group Exhibitions throughout Uzbekistan

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